Over the course of this development of the animated productions, children of primary schools have been and are invited to learn the art of script writing by using the pre-production material of the Atao films.
After a test run in the town of Chilly Mazarin, France, a larger eductional program was implemented in the French department of Finistere. There, 20 primary schools spread over the territory gathered 600 pupils for 8 teaching sessions during a 4 months period. Some 50 stories of Atao were written while primary teachers enjoyed classes which for the first time simultaneously, and as a team, the following discipline: researching information, natural sciences, writing, drawing, coloring, story-boarding, and performing in from of an audience (reading their stories in from of the class).
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The Atao educational program serves both the access to and development of knowledge in the primary school environment, and acts as genuine marketing of the TV series and feature film productions.